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 The Canons, the "Cast" of PO2
christian alexander lee
 Posted: Aug 6 2017, 01:14 AM
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32 years old
© Tia

presley trudeau
29 *jensen ackles * sexuality * witchlighter
Presley (named after Elvis Presley) is the oldest son of Prue & Andy. While his mother and father had gone to San Francisco, he stayed in Los Angeles since he got used to the place. His job and everything is open. Remember he has two witch and two whitelighter powers.
peggy trudeau
25  * Sophia Bush *sexuality * witchlighter
Peggy is the youngest of Prue and Andy's two children. She was named after the late singer and actress Peggy Lee (Prue was listening to her music one day and got the idea to name her that.) Previous player had her working at Golden Pleasures as a manager. It'd be cool if you carry on with it but if you don't want to, then its all good. Just to let you know, even though the boss is a demon, Peggy is one of the ONLY people he ever likes and considers her the best.
wyatt halliwell
29  * Wes Ramsey * sexuality * witchlighter * charmed (and also The Twice Blessed Child)
Wyatt still has his Twice Blessed status (and Excalibur, but that baby is in storage safely) unlike in the comic books. He also still has ALL of his powers. Both Wyatt and Chris share an apartment in Los Angeles. Like with other children of the former Charmed Ones, his sexuality is open since this is the new future.
chris halliwell
28 * drew fuller *sexuality * charmed
In 2004, Chris’ other version Chris Perry came back in time to save his brother WYATT from turning evil. After he vanished and their father LEO killed Gideon, the mission Chris had was complete therefore having had erased the old future and created a new one. This Chris however may be different but he still has memories of the old future and still has his neuroticism. He also still reminds of the family of PRUE, therefore like a mini version of her and has her telekinesis. He is the only one in the family that has both Elder and witch powers as well as whitelighter powers.
phoebe halliwell
57 *Alyssa Milano * heterosexual * witch-retired charmed one
Phoebe was the youngest child of the original Power of Three before Prue's death. When Prue died, she became the middle child. She was the one who had found the Book of Shadows and was the one who started it all when she read the spell from it, hereby giving her and her sisters the powers. Phoebe is now into one thing aside from looking out for her children and her remaining niece and nephews-revenge. She is still reeling from the deaths of those she loved. She also has no clue of Dorian's existance. As for Coop, she was also angry that he left them even when she needed him more. Since they had moved to Los Angeles, Phoebe changed jobs as well.
dorian turner
30  *Matt Bomer * homosexual * witch/demon
Dorian Preston Turner was the unborn source that supposedly died in the seer's womb. But, he survived (by reconstitution) the moment the Seer exploded. Since he was just two to three months old, he appeared in a witch's body up on the surface. Whether it was in San Francisco or not, its up to you. It could be in Los Angeles as well! His "P" middle name is up to you. BTW he has all of the powers that the unborn source had on the show.
p-- halliwell
24 * nina dobrev *sexuality * witch/cupid
P-- Halliwell was the little girl from Kira's vision. Like her sisters, cousins, and mother, she has no clue that her older half-brother is still alive. Its up to you! She has not only two cupid and two witch powers, but a cupid's ring. Her middle name is a "J". We don't follow the comics but you can pick any "P" and "J" names for her.
p--- halliwell
22 * open face * sexuality * witch/cupid
The middle child of Phoebe and Coop's three kids, P. is like her aunt Piper when it comes to dealing with her oldest and youngest. She also is still very close with her two sisters and would kill anyone who tries to harm them. Like her sisters, she has two cupid powers and two witch powers and has a cupid's ring.
p-- halliwell
20 * Victoria Justice * sexuality * witch/cupid
This is the youngest out of the three children and has a rebellious streak in her (like how her late cousin from her Aunt Paige had before she died). Like her sisters, she too has a cupid's ring and two witch powers along with two cupid powers.
christian alexander lee
 Posted: Aug 10 2017, 02:32 AM
125 posts
32 years old
© Tia

vladimir ivanov
500 * Charlie hunnam * sexuality * vampire
Vladimir is the sire of Olga, Tatiana, and Anastasia and is from Russia as the sisters (you pick the town). During the revolution, he had been living in Romania. How he met the sisters is up to you, but he is considered family. (turned at 33)
olga bocharova
137 * rachel weisz * heterosexual * vampire
The former Grand Duchess Olga was the oldest of the five children. She and her sisters escaped the regime with help from her parents and Maria (who stayed behind with Alexei). Since England didn't take them in, she and her siblings went to Romania where they hid out for a while. Olga was the one who was turned first and became the Queen of the vampires just after s7 Queen gone rogue. How she met Viktor and of course how their children were turned, is up to you as well as others. (Turned at age 31) NOTE: THIS IS THE ACTUAL OLGA FROM REAL LIFE BUT WITH A TWIST. Also as a Queen, Olga has pyrokinesis and a life link that she shares with the others.
viktor bocharov
200  * colin firth * heterosexual * vampire
When Viktor was thirty, he married into the family and has no regrets. He is the proud consort of Olga and has no eyes for anyone else but her and is a good father to their children (that they had before they both became vampires). He also had a sister named Alina who he never had turned since she refused to be a vampire. She had children and it is up to you if one of her children's descendants were turned instead. (Turned at age 40)
dmitry bocharov
85 * Kevin Zegers *sexuality* vampire
Dmitry may have a good heart, but he's also rebellious and is quite dangerous as a vampire. He gets along with his whole family but prefers to be on his own. (Turned at 25).
tatiana kolesnikova
135 *carla gugino *heterosexual* vampire
Grand Duchess Tatiana and her two sisters are the only survivors out of their immediate family and had escaped the horrors in 1918. For help with her history: HERE basically her history remains the same up until she was rescued. The rest is open including how she met her husband, who turned who, ect. Note, she is aware of how her husband is.
maxim kolesnikov
215 * open face *sexuality* vampire
Cunning, suave, charming, and evil, Maxim Olegovich Kolesnikov doesn't give two cents about anyone except for his family. Everything else is up to you. (Turned at age 41)
mikhail kolesnikov
82  * mariano di vaio *sexuality * vampire
He has NO plans to kill his older cousins or even his Aunt in order to become the new King. Mikhail does things on his own but puts his family first. (Turned at age 32)
pavel kolesnikov
80 * nick bateman * sexuality * vampire
Out of the two, Pavel s the carefree and rebellious Romanov. He's the one who would do what he wants and when he wants. Other aspects of his personality is up to you as well as sexuality. (Turned at age 30)
anastasia vetrova
131 * open face * heterosexual * vampire
Grand Duchess Anastasia is the third daughter of the three that was turned into a vampire. She also was amazed at how her family had documentaries about them and of course movies and such out of her. However, she was disappointed how Russia turned out and was glad to be one of those ruling in L.A. But she still misses home. She is also a widow when her husband Ivan died of illness before he was to be turned and is the mother to Katja, Maria, and Irina. (Turned at age 37) Her history is found HERE Like with her sisters, her history remains the same. The only thing that changed is what took place in 1918 where she and her sisters survived.
alexei vetrov
89 * open face * sexuality * vampire
Named after Anastasia's late brother, Alexei is a mixture of both his parents, while having blonde hair like his father. (Turned at age 29)
katya vetrova
72 * open face *sexuality* vampire
Katya had been studying her family's history for almost all of her life and wanted to strike down those who had killed the main Romanov family members one by one. When she was turned into a vampire, she did just that. She may have an angel face but she's just as ruthless and cunning as her older cousin and is the total opposite of her older brother (though she loves him very much and will kill anyone who ever dares harming him or her sisters). (Turned at 28)
maria vetrova
70 * leighton meester * heterosexual * vampire
Named after the late Grand Duchess (it was her mothers idea since she was very close to her older sister than of her other siblings), Maria is the calm and reserved one. She also had a bit of a rebellious side to her. At age 25, she had asked her mother to turn her since she felt closer to her than of her father. (Turned at 25)
irina vetrova
69 * open face *sexuality * vampire
Irina is the third daughter of Anastasia and Ivan. She is more like Maria when it comes to being reserved and quiet but differs her and her sister in some ways. However, she sometimes has bickering moments with her oldest sister, somewhat like the Halliwells. (Turned at age 21)
christian alexander lee
 Posted: Jan 14 2018, 03:30 PM
125 posts
32 years old
© Tia

jonathan halls
27  * open face *sexuality * the ultimate power
Named after J.D. as tribute to J.D., Jonathan Michael Halls is the oldest of Billie and William's two children. He has telekinesis and pyrokinesis, and inherited his father's brown hair. And, is like a mini version of his father.
elizabeth halls
24 * open face *sexuality * the ultimate power
Elizabeth Christine Halls is known by Billie and William as the "Mini Billie." In fact, she had become like her mother so much that Billie had to give her a long talk about everything. But at the same time, she is a lot calmer than of her mother. She has telepathy and projection and is fine with it. She also inherited her mother's blonde hair.
25 * Emma Stone * heterosexual * witchlighter
After having had tried to save her sister from an accident, Cat was awarded for her bravery by the Elders with a special mission-the chance to become the whitelighter to the Charmed Sons. Heck, she's not even a full whitelighter! Catherine, aka "Kitty Cat", has the power of super strength. So, even though her charges can vanquish you, touch them and she will deal with you personally and have NO problem to use that power on you.
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