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 Charmed Timeline, 1670 TO 2032
 Posted: Jan 10 2014, 05:08 PM
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✴Melinda Warren was born in Virginia. The Charmed Ones Piper, Prue, and Phoebe had come to this time to help stop Melinda's mother from being raised by an evil witch named Ruth. The girls eventually helped deliver little Melinda and found out that it was indeed their ancestor.

✴Melinda and her mother (and unknown father) moves to Salem, Massachusetts.

✴The Book of Shadows was established. Most of those from this time had their own Books, including Grimoires (Phoenix Witches).

✴Melinda dies at the stake. The one who betrayed her was her former lover Matthew Tate. Moments before her death, she had a prophecy about the Charmed Ones that would come true decades later. She survived by Prudence, her daughter. Just before she was to die that Melinda was summoned to the time of the Halliwells to see her prophecy coming true and to help put Matthew away for good back into the locket that he was freed from (by mistake of course) by Prue. Going back to her own time and allowed things to happen as they were, along with the locket.

✴ Phoebe's past life, P. Russell, she had allied with a Warlock (who was also her lover). Her cousins P. Baxter(Piper) and P. Bowen(Prue) had cursed her to die in order for her not to team up with Anton. P. Baxter (married to past life Dan who was Gordon Johnson-Grams' father) was Piper in her past life, and P. Bowen was Prue's.

✴In 1937, Penelope "Penny" Johnson was born in a hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. The family later heads back to San Francisco. ✴Penny and Gale (later "Aunt Gale" to the girls) attends college in the 1940's.

✴Penny meets Jack Allen Halliwell and got married.

✴In World War II, Leo dies and becomes a whitelighter.

✴Patricia Halliwell was born to Jack and Penelope.

✴In the early 60's, Patty met and fell in love with Victor Bennett and marries him. By this time she has a whitelighter, Sam (Paige's future father).

✴Gordon Johnson (Patty's father) dies in 1965.

1970- 1977
✴Prudence Halliwell was born in October, 1970 to Patty and Victor. She is the first child of their three children (and four counting Paige when it comes to Patty).

✴Piper follows in 1973.

✴In early of 1975 (while pregnant with Phoebe), Patty makes a pact with the warlock Nicholas in return for the girls' powers instead of them to become dead. Future Phoebe, Piper, and Prue comes back and found out how that happened.(Nicholas was vanquished in 1998.)

✴November of 1975, Phoebe Halliwell, one of the two born in the Manor (the other was Wyatt), was born.

✴In 1976, after Patty had an affair with her whitelighter, Victor and Patty divorced. Patty became pregnant with Sam's child Paige of which was born in 1977.

✴Paige was then given up for adoption in order to save her from being discovered by the Elders, since it was forbidden for a charge to be with their whitelighter. Patty's only request when she dropped her off at the church to Sister Agnes that her name should start with a "P."

✴A year later, Patty dies in the hands of the water demon.

✴Victor leaves. Grams raises the children by herself.

✴Late 1980's-Christy and Billie Jenkins were both born. Christy came first (being about two years older than her sister) and then Billie. Prue and Piper moves back into the Manor after Grams gets sick. (They were sharing an apartment together).

✴In 1998, Grams dies of a heart attack.

✴Six months later, Phoebe moves back into the Manor after she loses her job in NYC. The Charmed Ones gains their powers (thanks to Phoebe who found the Book of Shadows and had casted the incantion spell.)

✴In 1999, Andy Trudeau was killed by the demon Rodriquez. He was granted status of a whitelighter by the Elders for the fact that he defended the sisters (including Prue) later that year. It will be years before he'd get to reunite with Prue. Later that year, Sam Wilder was killed by the same water demon that killed Patty.

Early- Mid 2000 year
✴Piper starts dating the next door neighbor Dan Gordon.

✴Near early of 2000, she realizes she loves Leo more (she was torn between the two men and was in a love triangle). She ends up choosing Leo and breaks up with Dan.

Thanks to a wish gone wrong, Dan is more aged than ever (the Genie granted the wish that he'd move on by Piper). He also finds out the truth about Piper and her family and doesn't want to know of it anymore. As soon as everything was back to normal, the genie was freed and the Dragon Warlock was vanquished, Piper made one final wish that (without consenquences) that Dan would truly move on. He then moves to Oregon.

✴Cole Turner enters the picture. At first, he tried to stop the Halliwells but he then finds himself falling in love with Phoebe and becomes good. During this time, Mrs. Noble moves into Dan's old house.

✴Piper and Leo finally got married after all that they've gone through.

✴Prue dies after she was killed by the Source's assassin Shax.

✴ Paige Matthews' existence was discovered by Phoebe at the funeral and later joins the Charmed Ones, reconstituting the Charmed Ones.

✴They began avenging Prue's death by first vanquishing Shax.

✴ Paige's past life the Enchantress returns. Paige goes back to the medieval times and therefore changes her own timeline (for the good than of bad) by binding the Enchantress' powers and therefore saving the Prince so that he can marry his true love. This was also the year when she went back in time to find out what really happened to her adoptive parents.

✴Cole turns human due to Phoebe's power stripping potion.

✴The sisters avenges Prue's death once more when finally vanquishing the Source. Unbeknownst to them, the Source fills the void left by the demonic half in Cole.

✴Phoebe and Cole marries. Phoebe chooses the position of being Queen over her sisters.

✴She becomes pregnant with Dorian, in March.

✴Cole was vanquished in early of May. In an attempt to become the Source (after seeing the future of what the baby will become), the Seer begins her plan by kidnapping the baby and have him in her womb. She was vanquished by the Charmed Ones' Power of Three.

✴Dorian flames out with all the powers he had left (or what is left since she was forced to tap into all of the baby's powers) before the explosion. Creturns fully in the Charmed Ones' lives. After he had saved Phoebe from the witch hunter (with help of getting powers from the wasteland), he had gotten more powerful and invisible. Not to mention losing his sanity.

✴Dorian was finally vanquished for the second time after an attempt to change the timeline.

✴Piper and Leo's baby was born. It was a boy! It took a few days until he had a name. He was finally named Wyatt (in honor of Leo), Matthew (in honor of Paige), and had the last name Halliwell (since Leo had rightfully put it it was a name that good magic protects it and demons fear it.)

✴Chris Perry comes from the future. After a few months, he finally had his identity be known as Christopher (named after Leo's father) Perry Halliwell.

✴Chris dies at the hands of Leo's mentor Gideon (who was after Wyatt, therefore would have steered him to becoming evil had Chris not come back). Leo kills Gideon in revenge and therefore completes Chris' mission.

✴Baby Chris is born. Leo grieves deeply for Future Chris. The Elders were the ones who drove him to become an Avatar (though if he didn't, Phoebe and Piper would've died.) The Avatars tries to change the world but when they did, there were some dire consequences.

✴During this time, Zankou was released from his prison. He teams up with the girls to stop the avatars, and then had went after the Nexus. He succeeded. Inspector Sheridan (who wanted to expose the girls) became the last Innocent to die in the Manor at the hands of Zankou.

✴The girls faked their deaths after they vanquished Zankou and assumed identities.

✴Darryl had broken off contact with the sisters but found out it was them when he stepped out of the Manor. He moves to Chicago with his family in 2005.

✴Mrs. Noble moves out of Dan's house. (Probably because of the noise coming from the Halliwell Manor.) (At this time, Dorian is either still in S.F. or somewhere else. It is up to the player if he had returned to the city now or earlier. But he is alive.)

✴Billie Jenkins, a young witch, helps the girls out by vanquishing demons so that they can live their normal lives. However she would only do it if they teach her everything she knows. Unbeknownst to the girls, she is one of the two Ultimate Powers. Fifteen years before she met the girls, her sister was kidnapped by demons.

✴Billie was reunited with Christy and then betrayed the Halliwell sisters by joining her sister against them.

✴The "Final Battle" took place-costing Phoebe's, Paige's, and Christy's lives.

✴For the second time in her life, Piper goes back in time (with the help of Phoebe's boyfriend Coop's cupid ring) to save her sisters. (the first time was when Phoebe saved Miles-who was supposed to die-therefore costing her and Paige's lives). Time was restored.

✴After the sisters rightfully vanquished the Triad with potions than of with powers assumed from the Hollow like the last time, and Christy died at the hands of Billie, Leo was returned to Piper.

✴Billie begins her grieving process.

✴Happier times came-Prue returned to her sisters. During the last time she was seen up to now, she was married to Andy and had her two children - Prue's son and Peggy (born two years apart from each other). She also got to keep her witch powers and therefore became a witchlighter. Also during this year, Piper opens her restaurant.

✴Paige was married to Henry Sr. and Phoebe got married to Coop.

✴Prue takes over P3.

✴Irina, a survivor of the Romanov massacre in 1918 arrives in America with her family from Russia and lives in Los Angeles.

✴P. Halliwell was born to Phoebe and Coop in 2007, a few months later, Henry Mitchell Jr. was born.

✴Louise, the adoptive sister of Wyatt and Chris is born just a year later. Piper and Leo adopts her a month later and gives her a new name that starts with the letter of P. Her original name is now her middle name and she has the last name Halliwell since Leo wanted it to fit along with the brothers.

✴Phoebe's last two daughters are born in between 2009 and 2010.

✴In 2023, the Source rises again (unknownst to the Halliwells.) This time it is a female.

✴ In 2020, the Vampire Queen goes rogue and was killed by Olga, who had found out about it. She then becomes the new queen. Olgaand her family remained on surface.

✴ In early 2026, Coop leaves his family behind to become a full time cupid. Phoebe is devastated.

✴The sons of Piper and Leo becomes the new Charmed Ones.

✴In 2027, Leo dies by a heart attack.

✴Piper moves out of the Manor (her reason was because it brought her too many memories of Leo) and now resides in an apartment.

✴ A year later, Henry Mitchell Sr. dies in a car accident.

✴The Source, named Mei (who was crowned in 2010) successfully kills some of the Halliwell's-Piper's adopted daughter, and Paige's twins. The Manor was then destroyed by the Source.

✴The Halliwell's flees later on that year to 2030.

✴2032: Phoebe now works in Los Angeles. Paige stayed behind with Prue, Andy, and Piper to look after the innocents, but asks Billie to look after her son and her nieces and nephews. The Charmed Sons still fights demons with help from their family. Mei still is around, coming up with a way to destroy the rest of the family. And during this time, the Vampire Queen lays low with her family.

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