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The Member groups

CUPID - a magical being that helps people find love. Each cupid has a cupid's ring that allows them to match make whoever they are assigned to. Some even fell in love with their charges (Coop for example). Want to kill a cupid? Simply take away the ring and do what Drazi did, use it for hate. But be careful - you would have the witches on your tail for that. They also have telekinesis, beaming, and even remote beaming.

DARKWITCHLIGHTER - these are a dark version of a witchlighter. Half warlock, half darklighter. Or otherwise known as "darkwitchlighters" but since warlocks were once witches that turned evil, they're known as that here.

DARKLIGHTER - an evil counterpart of a whitelighter, but travels in black and blue orbs and equipped with a crossbow. There are different kinds of darklighters - spirit killers, assassins, and pro-creators. This is a witchlighter and whitelighter's top enemy above demons and warlocks. One shot from the poisonous arrows, the witchlighter or whitelighter would get seriously hurt. If you don't get the poison out in time, they will die.

DEMON - an evil being that goes after the Innocent. Like with warlocks, these can be killed by potions or spells. But be caution-upper level demons are harder to vanquish than of lower level demons. Some are even unstoppable to kill (i.e. the Tall Man).

DEMON/HUMAN - this is more known than of a witch/demon. Cole Turner was in fact the mostly known half demon. Sometimes they can turn good if they were influenced. Other times, not so much. Like with demons, they can either be very powerful...or not.

ELDER - mostly known as a position than of a species, the Elders, or "Powers that Be" or "The Founders" was mostly just mentioned in seasons 1 to 3 but in season 3 we started to see a bit of them. The Elders have far more powers than of a whitelighter but like with whitelighters, they can heal. They are the ones who assign the whitelighter to a charge. However as some can be evil (such as Gideon who tried to kill Wyatt when he was a toddler), while some can be good (such as Kevin, a former witch, and Sandra who have helped the girls when they needed them.) and some can be very annoying (Odin). The Elders can be female or male.

GYPSY - Mostly a race of people from Romania, the gypsies can also be from other parts of the world. They are considered the "sister" to the witches. Upper level gypsies could also have active powers (such as the Shuvani, the head of the gypsies). Most well known gypsies: Ava, Eve, Theresa, and Lydia Nicolai.

GENIE-a magical being that grants wishes to its masters. They can be good or evil but they are known as tricksters. Their powers are Projection, Whirling, Shrinking. Possession, and Immortality. Most well known genies: Genie from s2 and Jinny. Since there was only two known genies, on here, we allow four-two girls and two boys.

HUMAN - nothing special about these folks. They are known as the "Innocents". However some can become future whitelighters if they were doing a lot of good, while some can be married to witches.

MERFOLK-Magical beings who dwell in the sea. They swim all day and love shiny objects. There are not only female mermaids but mermen as well, some live on land and others not. Since this is the future, they don't really just stay in the sea. While in the sea they would have a tail and immortality. But on land, they still have immortality but can die if their powers were drained or killed by a fireball.

PO2 STAFF-Those you see with the color of purple and light red with these names, they're staff.

PHOENIX WITCH - a coven of assassin witches, descended from the times of the Salem Witch Trials. They are very lethal and dangerous and have no loyalty but to themselves. They are neutral and like with good witches are immune to Piper's freezing powers. To indicate which is a Phoenix Witch, look for a bird like symbol on their left wrist. That distinctive birthmark symbolizes their rise from Salem's ashes.

SEER - a magical being that can see the future, far more than Phoebe Halliwell can. Usually Seers are evil but one exception is Kyra who was tired of working for evil and wanted to be good and a human. Unfortunately she was vanquished by Zankou before getting that chance. Another well known Seer is the Seer who was advisor to Cole Turner when he was possessed by the Source. Seers usually see their visions without the use of a crystal ball, unlike the Oracle.

THE SOURCE OF ALL EVIL - the ruler of the Underworld. They oversee all demons and warlocks. It would take a heck a lot of power to get rid of the source, for this demon is far more powerful than any other demon out there. They rule like an absolute Monarchy, exercising their full powers without limitation or interference. The current Source, Arabella, was chosen not of lineage like other sources but for her brains as well as her tendency of not letting the demons depopulate.

VAMPIRE - these undead upper level demons are ruled by a Queen. The Queen, and her vampires, are banished from the Underworld and most reside in caves but some prefer to try and blend in with the rest of civilisation. There are different clans of vampires out there with their own queen, somewhat like bees. The children of that clan will die if their queen is killed, but it isn't with all clans. But one thing for sure...all vampires share one trait. They don't like garlic, holy water, and can be killed by way of a stake through the heart. The sun is also deadly to them but a recent discovery has meant that a special potion created by witches can render sunlight harmless to the vampire who drinks the potion. Vampires can turn into bats and climb walls, and also have the power to compel others into doing what they want or remembering what they want them to. The Romanovs are the only ones who has telekinesis and ability to turn into a wolf, aside from the other powers listed.

WARLOCKS - evil beings whose goal is to take a witch's powers. Warlocks can also be familiars who betrays their witch and become human. Some warlocks can be impossible to be killed (such as Matthew Tate). And others could be ex witches who turned evil. The other well known warlocks are Jeremy, Rex, and Hannah. Another way to get to a witch's power is through dark marriages, like in Prue's case when she was married to a warlock. Note: You can have up to only three stolen powers for your warlock. Just no teleportion powers! The Warlocks already have one and that is blinking.

WEREWOLF - half human, half wolf. They are otherwise known as lycans and lives in packs. There are an Alpha and Beta in each pack. The alpha is in head command of the pack; while the beta is second in commend. If an alpha has a mate, they are known as the Alpha Omega. And for the Beta's mate-Beta Omega. They change on the full moon cycles. You can either be born as a werewolf or be turned into one if you were bitten. We allow all lores of the werewolves here except for Twilight.

WHITELIGHTER - guardian angels to either good witches or future whitelighters. Good people can become whitelighters after death. Their goal is to overlook their charges and help them with anything that they need. It is noted that some do in fact, like cupids, fall in love with their charges. There are cases known where a whitelighter can clip their wings. Or in worse case scenario, fall from grace.

WITCH - can be divided into three categories - practitioners, magical, and evil. Evil Witches are either those that have lived a long time like Tuatha and use their powers for evil or have been influenced by evil such as P.Russell (Phoebe's past life.) Practitioners are witches without powers but dabble in spells and potions. Magical witches are those with powers. The most powerful witches of all time are the former Charmed Ones. Witches can be male or female.

WITCH/CUPID - a being that is half witch, half cupid. The only ones known to be these (and it is very, very, very, rare) are Phoebe and Coop's three daughters. Despite that they have four powers (like any other hybrid children of the charmed ones here), they also have a cupid's ring as well.

WITCH/DEMON - another rare kind of species between a witch and a demon. The only known hybrid of this is Dorian Turner, Phoebe and Cole's son. As a witch/demon, he possess powers on both sides. He is considered as the sole heir to the throne of the Underworld.

WITCHLIGHTER - a term that was created by a member of a campaign site I was part of. The ones in this group are a creation of a witch and a whitelighter. They possess both basic powers of a witch and whitelighter powers. They weren't really suppose to happen since it is forbidden for a whitelighter to fall in love with their charge, but it did. The original ones before Phillip, Peggy and their brother (created for this site since on the show Prue had no children), and of course the ones we know on the show when it comes to second generation-was Paige and Simon Marks.

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