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 The Plot, Backstory more likely
christian alexander lee
 Posted: Nov 2 2013, 05:29 PM
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The Plot

New City, still Charmed.

In 1998, three sisters discovered that they were the Charmed Ones. For the next eight years, they battled evil, lost and loved. More than thirty years later, everything had changed. First was the losses and heartbreak. There were some good moments in the Halliwells' lives-Andy and Prue returned (with a family of their own, and the return of a lost family member. The Charmed Ones retired in 2024, and the Charmed Sons took their place in 2026. In 2030, a new source had arrived. And, a new vampire royal family (this time the Romanovs) had taken over the throne of the former Vampire Queen. The Source successfully killed off some of the Halliwells in 2031. With the tragedies happening one after another, the Charmed Sons and their family relocated to Los Angeles. Piper and Prue stayed behind to either look after the witches or because of the loss of Leo is so great, they weren't ready to leave yet. Andy stayed with Prue since he didn't want to leave her side. As for the rest, what will happen in the City of Angels? Who knows?

But demons and the Source beware, the Power of Two has arrived.

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