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christian alexander lee
 Posted: Oct 26 2013, 03:13 PM
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1. No OOC fighting! IC fighting (even in IM threads since that can happen in real life) is allowed in the site.

2. When registering be sure to have it like so: "lady diana spencer". If your character is a demon and they don't have a middle and last name, ignore this rule. Like in real life, not all people (such as Mariah Carey for example) has a middle name so that's also allowed. Note: since the Romanovs would have either "vich"or "evna/ova" as part of their middle names (i.e. Saint Alexei Nicholovich Romanov) it would cut off when registering. I'll help out of registering the name for you through Admin CP and provide you a temporily password so you can log in and change the password.

3. Avatars are 250x400, and signatures are 500x200. The gifs for the mini profiles automatically resize so you don't have to worry about that. And, you may use templates for your threads!

4. Demons, Witches, and hybrids has a total of four powers. The only ones that would have more than four are Dorian Turner, Wyatt Halliwell, Chris Halliwell, The Source, Darklighters, Whitelighters, Cupids, the former Charmed Ones (excluding Prue-she has four powers like any other hybrid), and Phoenix Witches. Be sure to look at the wikipedia for what kind of powers your character will have.

5. You may take up four canons. However when it comes to originals & wanted ads, bring in as many as you want. Please keep in mind that when you do, be sure to start with an original first. You can take up canons soon after that!

6. Since we are now on JCINK, your characters can have mature threads but please mark them with a R or M so that young viewers won't see them.

7. Godmodding isn't allowed. In fact, it would be polite to ask your partner if you can move the character. But it isn't nice to kill them off without their permission. When it comes to posts, as we don't have a word count, two or one lines are not allowed (except if it is in an IM thread.)

8. You can post once every week. If you are busy, please let me know. I will put you under inactive if an account hasn't logged in four days. If you had informed me before hand, your stuff will just be moved into the archives until you can come back.

9. Models, Actors, actresses, and singers can be used. However the following faces had made it clear (I gathered this from Caution) that their faces can't be used for any rp: Alexandra Madar, Alice Cheynet, Baek Sumin, Cameron Ugh, Caroline Grace Winkle, Devin Ghost Sola, Frieda Rose, Jarrod Alonge, Lara Jade, Lauren Peralta, Leda Muir, Mary Thomson (supermaryface), Samantha Cormier, Stephen Gomez, TwiggX, and Zoe Kimball. Keep in mind we don't allow any child faces under the age of 13 and deceased actors/singers.

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