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 Dorian Halliwell, 30 | Witch/Demon | Matt Bomer
dorian prescott halliwell
 Posted: Jul 11 2018, 01:43 PM
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30 years old
© Kue

Dorian Halliwell
  • AGE: Thirty
  • BIRTHDAY: October 9th
  • OCCUPATION: Bartender/Stripper
  • SPECIES: Witch/Demon
  • HOMETOWN: Los Angeles
  • FACE: Matt Bomer


Dorian is friendly, though he is only one for making casual acquaintances more so than life long friends. This casual attitude makes it hard for people to really get to know him. Those who actually do make it into his inner circle or someone he truly considers his friends he is very protective of them. Given what he has learned about his past and what he lost he is protective to not lose any other connections.


Dorian's love life is complicated, he is bisexual and has developed a appreciation for both genders and what they can provide. However, while he is a flirt and a charmer, he is not really that easy to get close to. Those he considers his friends are those most easy to see the good points he has so relationships can be a bit of a slow burn. But that's not to say he is not a hopeless romantic at heart, just a picky one.


Dorian is the biological son of one of the Charmed Ones and the former Source of All Evil Cole Turner. To say he was born with a chip on his shoulders and a rogues gallery would be putting it mildly. As he grew he began to develop more into the witch and demon that he is today, this put a growing target on his back. As such he is not unfamiliar with fighting and has gotten quite good at it.

Because of these enemies Dorian is cautious with new people in his life, not easily trusting till he can confirm a person isn't going to be a threat down the line. But the big simple rule to follow when dealing with Dorian is a simple one, do not mess with the people he loves, because trying to get to him through the people he cares about will only result in bringing the full fury of this hybrid down on you.

When the son of Phoebe Halliwell and Cole Turner was stolen by the previous Seer, it was believed that the unborn child had been killed by an overload of his powers. This was not exactly true. What happened is not completely well known, but what is known is that the child found his way into the womb of a witch also nearly four months along.

This witch was Monica Gray, her husband had been killed in a car accident shortly after she found out she was pregnant. Monica was surprised to discover she was carrying twins, but presumed it had simply been an oversight by the doctors before.

When Dorian was born his powers seemed to be much weaker than they had been during his time with Phoebe and the Seer though this was due to the incredible strain it had put on his developing body. As he aged he grew into his powers slowly, first Pyrokinesis.

His mother Monica was worried when her son developed this ability as it was almost always a sign of evil, or at least a trying and troubled life. But she loved him never the less and worked with him to keep it in check, to now how and when to use it.

When Dorian was 5 a demon attacked Monica. Out of instinct or reflex Dorian pelted the demon with a fireball seriously wounding the demon. After it picked itself up off the floor it made to attack Dorian before the little hybrid launched it into the wall with his fire throwing. Because he was still young his powers were not quiet as powerful as it could be and it required Dorian to use both hands to slay the demon.

It was after this that Monica knew something was wrong. Using magic and consulting with other local witches she discovered that her son was part demon, and a powerful one at that. But she realized if his first instinct was to protect someone he couldn't be completely tainted by evil.

She couldn't give him up either, as he was her son even if she was not genetically connected to him. She loved him and raised him with all the patience she could muster, even if he burnt her drapes when he had a tantrum from time to time.

As he got older Dorian developed empathy as a power, while at first a struggle it was his mother and sisters love for him that allowed him to find a strong base to continue to grow and learn to become a proper witch, using his demonic powers to help those he found. However, helping might have been a reflex he still didn't like the idea of being bound to a fate outside of his control.

It was not till many years later that he discovered where his bloodline actually hailed from. And while he is interested in getting to know that side of himself, he feels it is a betrayal of his mother Monica and all she did for him to just embrace them. However, after finding out that his father also possessed the surname Turner he felt it wrong to embrace that name and abandon the goodness that Monica fostered for so long. So with her blessing he took the name Halliwell, though he has yet to really try and connect with that portion of his past.

Due to his lineage he possesses an extraordinary number of powers and abilities. On top of the ability to brew potions, cast spells, and scry as any witch can do he possesses: Flaming, Fireballs, Fire Throwing, Advanced Fire Throwing, Pyrokinesis, Electrokinesis, Telepathy, Empathy, Telekinesis, Possession, Transformation, Sensing, and Super Strength. Though these powers are not all from his demonic bloodline, it appears that Telekinesis and Empathy are native to the Warren Witches, and his biological mother Phoebe possesses Empathy.

While it may be possible for him to develop more of the powers of the source it appears the dilution of evil has cut him off from some of the sources powers permanently while giving him access to his witch abilities and the Charmed destiny.

Kue/ GMT -4

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