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 Looking For Some Fun, Tag: Open
kimberley stevenson
 Posted: Feb 13 2018, 05:22 PM
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i don't want to be forgotten

Kim had a rough three weeks which started when her mission to kill one whitelighter, ended with her killing two witches and get badly hurt. The three weeks it took her to recover were not easy; since her father pushed her to do other jobs not caring she was hurt. Thankfully she made it through, but living with her parents made Kim rethink things over like her finding her own place. The only thing was that she had no idea where to start, she had no real job and never went to school so doubted she could get a job.

But she was determined to move out and live on her own but was still going to be there for her parents. All she wanted was a place of her own and that way she has a place to lure men, especially since her mother hated it. Kim didn’t like that her mother was telling her what to do, so since she had no jobs to complete she decides to go to a friend to help her. A task she thought would be easy only to find out the man she was looking for was hiding in the underworld.

It took her an hour to find the little Wessel who had decided to hide in the lowest part of the underworld. She asked if he was hiding from her and at first he denied it, but after bringing her crossbow out and threating to do target practice he admitted he was. After that, she told him that she wanted him to create school records for her, make sure that her grades were good but not good enough to be suspicious. When he told her he wouldn’t she shot him in the knee, telling him that the next one would be on his other leg.

The demon told her that it would be a couple of hours and that he could call her once it was done, she said fine but if he failed her he would be in for more pain. Kim got back up to the surface just as the sun finished setting, so she decided to go to a dance club called the Red Vibe. She hadn’t been there before, but she heard it was a great place to have some fun which is something she needed. Also, it as a chance to find a job since it was run by a demon so she knew that she would be surrounded by her kind and not stupid humans.

Kim arrived at the club showed her ID and walked in, the first place she went when she got there was the bar. She needed something nice and strong to drink while she wanted for the demon to finish the task he was told to do. As she sat down she looked around, she hated being around humans especially when they were in couples. The one thing she never understood was love, her parents were arranged and they had planned to do the same with her. But Kim had other plans, she wanted to find a strong demon or darklighter to marry, especially one who shared the same ideals as her.

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