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 Nightly Swim, open
arelisamun khamun omni
 Posted: Mar 28 2018, 01:07 AM
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The beach was his second home, aside from the strip club, of course. This was where he was meant to be-on the crisp sand with the waves crashed against his feet as he sat on his towel, his arms wrapped around his legs. Sometimes, he would sit there on that towel and gaze at the sky. Other times, he would get up, dusted off any sand that was on his beach shorts and then rum straight into the water then laid on his stomach and started to swim. Today was no different. But this was at night where there's barely that many out due to either being at bars or already had gone out for the day.

Arelis had helped Peggy close the stripclub for the night, and then went home to change out of his work clothes and into a white tanktop and beach shorts. Then, he grabbed his towel and then head straight to the beach. Like always, he placed his towel down onto the sand, take off his sandals and tank top and then went into the water. Nothing beats than of that. And, with the moon in the sky, its just even more perfect.

open to anyone!

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