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 Texas Forever, half-sisters and cousins needed
christian alexander lee
 Posted: Jan 19 2018, 04:11 AM
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32 years old
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carlotta taylor lee
Megan Fox - 30 - phoenix witch - half-sister
This is Carlotta, the "Piper" of the group. Like Piper Halliwell, she is the ground force, the one who to turn to since she's like a mother especially to her younger siblings. Carlotta is 27 years old and her job is open (previous player had her work in Coyote Ugly). She was born in Christi Corpus but moved to San Antonio. Carlotta was in a car accident with her younger brother when she was three so she still has a very close (yet protective) relationship with him.
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helen -- lee
0dette annable - 28 - phoenix witch - half-sister
Ladies and gents, the "Phoebe" of the group. Like her siblings Carlotta and Brayden, she views Christian as her brother rather than of half-brother. Also, she has some qualities like of Phoebe. For example, she is independent and free spirited.
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--- --- barnes
sebastian stan - 29 - phoenix witch - cousin
This one here is 29 years old but wise for his age. He also is the free spirited one who doesn't really hold anything back. As for relationships, he tends to just date Phoenix Witches or witches. He's not very fond of humans and doesn't really understand why his mother and his aunt both had married a mortal.
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--- --- barnes
Timothee Chalamet - 26  - phoenix witch - cousin
This one here is eager to meet his cousins, but is in no rush. He's a bit laid back than of his brother but still lethal in his own right. He is a flirt and wouldn't have no problem taking in someone (whether its a guy or a girl) into his bed. He's a bit too occupied with his Phoenix Witch duties to settle down, though.
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