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 Peggy Trudeau, 25 | witchlighter | sophia bush
 Posted: Jun 12 2015, 01:59 PM
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years old


  • AGE:25
  • BIRTHDAY:June 28, 2007
  • OCCUPATION:Manager of Golden Pleasure
  • SPECIES:Witchlighter
  • HOMETOWN:San Francisco
  • FACE:Sophia Bush


Peggy always had trouble making friends when she was younger and now that she is older she still finds it is a struggle for her to maintain any truly close relationship outside of her family. She is hesitant to open up to people when she thinks it is likely she will get hurt and quite often the only people she feels are on pare with her intelligence are much older. Still she has a few close friends her age and they are very special indeed.


Peggy is currently single. Actually, Peggy hasn't had much in the way of relationships, much like she hasn't had much in the way of friends. She gets anxious and tongue tied and when it comes to admitting feelings she clams up. She wants to love and be loved but since her last relation ship went down she hasn't had the confidence to make any of the first moves.


It's hard to imagine Peggy with any enemies. Obviously since she is part of the Halliwell witches she does have some but her quiet nature and honest sincerity actually buys her more slack than grief from the demon side of things. Don't make any mistakes they come after her like flies since she has that rare deflection power people want so badly! She has no problem fighting back she just isn't likely to be the one picking the fight.


Peggy is a kind co-worker and as a manager she is equally caring. That said she isn't afraid to lay down the law and take control of authority. Her co-workers respect her and they know she is the right person for any job she is assigned. Sometimes it rubs people the wrong way that she is so young and in charge but they soon learn she is the leader for a reason.

Peggy treats her charges like a mix between family and co-workers. She has to be the one with authority sometimes and she will demand respect but she is also willing to go out on a limb and do almost anything for those under her care. She wants to be trusted and admired like her parents.

Peg was born on June 28th 2007. Technically Peggy spent the first year of her life growing without the extended Halliwell brood. She doesn't remember much save that she was safe and loved and life was never without magic. So, when asked, she simply says, "I have never been without my family, my aunts and uncles are like extra parents, my cousins are my siblings". She went to public school and magic school and she is almost positive her parents had some sort of built in time loop so she could do that, she completed both in what seemed like a never ending stream of years but on record time. She loves to be Fashionably comfortable. Peggy loves loose flawy tops that are soft against her skin, comfy jeans, and her keds. If she is going out it is all about the glitz and glamour. She can definitely do a good girl gone bad switch when it comes to wardrobe and makeup. Peggy was named after the Jazz singer Peggy Lee, a favourite of her mother while she was pregnant. Peggy goes by Peg and a select few call her Peggster. When she was little bullies used to pick on her by calling her eggy. She was bothered by it more than she let on but she tried not to let it get to her heart since she was more likely to make friends among the school faculty than among her peers. She still finds time to work on the novel she has been trying to finish. She is fairly certain her family knows she likes reading but she hasn't let anyone in on her dream to be a famous fantasy writer, who better than a witch?

+ Orbing: The power to teleport to another location through the use of orbs. (since she could walk)
+ Conjuration: Channeled through both the mind and hands conjuration is the ability to materialize imaginary objects and beings at will. (age 15)
+ Deflection: A consciously activated power that presents as a shield. It is bestowed upon one witch in a generation and can deflect any kind of power directed at its user. (20)
+ Glamouring: The ability to change ones appearance, age, or clothing. (21)
+ Has always wanted a bird

Peggy has always been old for her age. Maybe it's the name her mum gave her (classic), maybe it was that she was never interested in high school drama or partying until she hit 23 and threw in with the grown-ups.Whatever the reason, Peggy is mature, and occasionally very blunt. This doesn't mean she falls short when it comes to kindness, Peg is super sweet and in a crowd becomes very soft spoken. She also can't flirt with someone she really cares about to save her life. When she warms up to you a whole other side appears and you realize she is passionate, fierce, and can get fairly loud when she is talking about something that excites her. She wants to make a difference and she secretly wants to become a famous fantasy writer. She was a manager at Starbucks and she loved it but something was missing from her life. She is now the manager at Golden Pleasures. Maybe it is just time for a change in pace?

Family- Family is key for Peggy. Maybe it's those old-timey values of hers but her mother, father, brother, aunts, uncles, and cousins are all among the most important things in the world to her and if anyone messed with them her usually sweet demeanour would turn fierce. You hurt her family and you'll wish you never got anywhere close to Peggy.

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