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 Billie's Family
christian alexander lee
 Posted: Mar 25 2017, 12:22 AM
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wilhelmina halls
Kaley Cuoco
Billie had been living in Los Angeles since 2006. She got married, had two children, and was the one who suggested to the Halliwells to move to the city for a new life. Even though she goes by her husband's last name, she still retains having "Jenkins" in her bank account's name. Her husband didn't mind!

michael halls
Jared Padalecki
Unlike his lovely wife Billie, Michael doesn't do magic at all. He's a mortal but the lifestyle he is married to hasn't changed anything about him. He still does his job as a mechanic (he owns a shop in Los Angeles) and even helps brew potions with his family. Michael had met her in 2006 during a trip to San Francisco. Everything else is up to you but he is one year older than she is.

jonathan halls
Jordy Baan
Jonathan was named after J.D. since Billie had him coincidently on the day that she tried to save J.D. but instead, he saved her. He is just like his father. Billie had nicknamed him a "Michael Mini-Me". He is 25 years old. Has brown hair (like his father). He has pyrokinesis and telekinesis.

elizabeth halls
Olivia Holt The only daughter of Billie and Michael, Elizabeth Christine Halls (named after her late aunt and Michael's mother) is 23 years old and is in college. Has blonde hair (like her mother and late Aunt). She has projection and telepathy.

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